Tailor Nhut

Add: 232 – Le Thanh Ton - District 1 - TP HCM. ĐT: (08) 38.225.338
108 – Ly Tu Trong – District 1 – TP HCM. ĐT: (08) 38.321.329
523 – An Dương Vương – District 5
Web: http://tailornhut.vn

Ignore the bare walls, tile floors, and open shelves crammed full of books and material: When it comes to getting quality men’s apparel made in Saigon, there’s nowhere better than Nhut. The suits, shirts, tuxedos, and overcoats are made with the finest cashmere-wool blends and Italian cottons. Suits cost $140 or more (depending on the fabric and finishing details) and require one week; shirts start at $40.